Krog’s Wheel of Treasures

Krog’s Wheel of Treasures


Tomorrow, Sunday at 4pm CEST (2pm GMT) we will be streaming Faeria under the title “Krog’s Wheel of Treasures” with a new and awesome way of giving away prizes (Treasures!) for Faeria!

Find our twitch channel over on Twitch here:

What will happen on stream?
Good that you asked! Things that you can expect to happen:

  • Gameplay such as Pandora or Ladder (I love Pandora!)
  • Games against viewers! (Do you need to finish that daily quest? Or just spectate a game? Let us know!)
  • Discussing game balance, patches and other things happening in Faeria
  • Coaching and teaching new players basic tactics and how to improve at the game
  • Spontaneous “Sit & Go” tournaments! (BO1 Single Elim most likely)
  • Fun duels against other Streamers and well known players (Such as Best Of 10 or Highlander Mode)
  • And anything that you guys suggest, or things we come up with as we go!

Note that we are planning to do this every Sunday, so not all of the above will happen every time.

At certain intervals during the stream, we will draw a viewer who gets to spin Krog’s Wheel of Treasures!
On the wheel there is prizes such as:

  • Gems
  • Chests
  • Dragon Orbs
  • Steam Pack
  • Pioneer’s Adventure Pouch

We hope you will enjoy the stream, which is expected to last for about 8 hours!
Hang out with us, having a great Sunday and fun in Faeria!

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